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The MEDBOX is a medicine dispensing system that sits in a restricted area in medical marijuana dispensaries and allows operators the most inventory control, transparency, and compliance in the medical marijuana industry. These machines do not operate 24 hours per day and are not directly accessible by the patient themselves. These machines help clinics follow all legal guidelines and offer patients a service that keeps the medicine secure, climate controlled, and in a sanitary environment. Our company, Medicine Dispensing Systems, is not a medical marijuana dispensary or patient group and does not provide medical marijuana to patients. We are a full service medical marijuana dispensary consulting firm operating in the United States. We have US offices in Los Angeles, New York, Arizona, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Our international presence extends to Toronto, Tokyo, and London.We offer medical marijuana dispensary and cultivation center consulting, operational training and legal support. Medicine Dispensing Systems can help you establish a legally compliant medical marijuana dispensary or cultivation center in any existing medical marijuana state including Connecticut, Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington, Nevada, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, and any other new marijuana state that passes legislation to allow its use.Medicine Dispensing Systems is the industry leader in offering turn-key consulting services to the medical marijuana industry. We have consulted over 400 clients since 2010. The Company provides these consulting services to individuals and groups seeking to establish new clinics and facilities, often in jurisdictions that have recently passed legislation concerning the availability of medical marijuana as well as existing jurisdictions, nationwide.The system has many benefits which include:* Inventory control and lower overhead for operators,
* Temperature controlled storage of medicine,
* Fraud prevention as every transaction is documented,
* Guaranteed compliance to state and local laws,
* Unparalleled accounting and tracking.We have been awarded United States & Canadian Patents concerning the software and hardware related to our medicine dispensing machine.Our company’s founder has appeared in interviews with CNN, ABCNews, MSNBC, Bloomberg, BBC, NPR, and has been featured in articles appearing in Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, Businessweek, and the Wall Street Journal, as well as over 30 other news agencies around the world concerning our cutting-edge products and services.Our Company does not engage in the sale, cultivation, or marketing of any products dispensed through our machines.

Client Testimonials

Medbox has been instrumental in not only helping us establish ourselves in the medical marijuana community, but they also continue to give us the confidence to move forward knowing they will be there to help navigate the incredibly grey areas of MMJ legislation successfully. More importantly they help to build your foundation on the most stable ground available, offering to light the path of least resistance in these still early “dark days” in the MMJ industry.

They have given our company the position, confidence and support to grow in this competitive thriving MMJ market. Being set up for success from day 1 allows us to focus on more important aspects of our business’s growth. They offer long term strategies for success and help to support you along the way at your pace.

M. Antonucci – Sherman Oaks, Ca


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